Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Arrives on Netflix this June

Sailor Moon

Netflix has announced that the recent film Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal will premiere on the company’s streaming platform on June 3rd.

The movie is part of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal franchise, which is the 2014 reboot of the original series. The 2014 series is considered to be an anime series that’s more faithful to the manga than the original 1990s series.

You can read a summary of the film from the official site below.

In April, the city is in a festive mood for the biggest total solar eclipse of the century, with cherry blossoms in bloom.
As the new moon obscures the sun and the sky grows dim, Usagi and Chibi-Usa meet Pegasus Elyos, who seeks his help. One day, Elyos appears in Chibi-Usa’s dream and tells her that he is looking for the chosen maiden to break the Golden Crystal’s seal. At the same time, a mysterious circus group calling itself Dead Moon Circus appears in town. They plan to dominate the moon, the earth, and eventually the universe by obtaining the Silver Crystal, by distributing the nightmare incarnation of Lemuress.
Chibi-Usa, called the “Maiden,” has a faint love for Elyos, who needs her.
Mamoru is tormented by the thought that he may be slowing her down, and Usagi is tormented by the thought that she is always putting him in harm’s way. Usagi’s “dream” and “mission” are gradually revealed in the course of the battle.

—Now, a grand story of a “dream” that transcends time is beginning.

Translation: DeepL

The film premiered in Japan earlier this year after initially being delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.




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