Redo of Healer Simulcast Canceled in Germany

Redo of Healer

The German publisher AniMoon Publishing has canceled their simulcast release of Redo of Healer in order to avoid controversy.

The cancellation was first reported by German anime news blog Anime 2 You. AniMoon Publishing has dropped the series, and according to Anime 2 You cited an aversion to controversy as their reason.

This means that German fans of the series will need to find a new way to watch the show; which frequently features scenes of rape, violence, and revenge fantasies.

You can find the synopsis from the official website below.

The boy Keyal has awakened to his true nature as a brave warrior of 【Healing】 and is set to embark on an adventurous journey to save the world with the heroes.

However, as a recovering magician with no combat skills, he was waiting for days of abuse from the brave men who exploited his abilities.

Deprived of his freedom and dignity, Kayal comes to his senses and discovers the truth behind the Restoration.

Recovery is not just a cure. It is a power that shakes the world and people from their very roots.

Kayal decides to restore the world itself and to “start over” everything from four years ago. And he is excited about revenge against the brave men and women. ……

The party is about to begin…

Translation: DeepL

The cancellation of Redo of Healer comes as a surprise since studio TNK had the forethought to create three different versions with varying degrees of cut content. However it appears that even the most tame of the three versions fell outside of AniMoon’s standards.

In contrast, Sentai Filmworks has persisted in releasing the series on their streaming platform HIDIVE where episodes continue to be simulcast every week.



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