Review Policy

So you care enough about how we review things to have a look at our policy. You’ll find all the gritty details of our review process detailed below, including a breakdown of scores, our code of ethics, and our mission statement with regards to providing you accurate and informative written reviews.

How We Review Anime and Things

The staff of Nicchiban harbor no biases, agendas, or jaded cynicism about the media we consume. We may make comparisons to other media, but ultimately every piece of entertainment is its own thing when we review it.

We use the full review scale here at Nicchiban. We’re very against the negative stigma attached to something getting below an 8 or 9. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. We don’t necessarily add or remove points as the review progresses. Rather, our review process is involved and holistic.

The reviewer checks the media or product out, notes things he or she liked and didn’t like, and then assigns a score. The EIC discusses the product with the reviewer each time before a review is published. The EIC ensures that they feel comfortable with the review as is. However, judgements are generally not questioned unless the score doesn’t match with the content of the review.

We consider all aspects of the product to decide whether it is ultimately worth your time. The score we assign a game is the final breakdown of all its components, its strong points, and its shortcomings.

Needless to say: we’re fans, too, and we’re letting you know if the media or product is truly worth your precious time and money.

Review Ethics

We will always let you know if we were provided a review copy by the publisher for the review in question. We have zero contact with creators or publishers regarding the final review score before it’s published.

Nicchiban writers do not cover creators or publishers in whom they’ve previously invested or are currently investing (financially or personally), who have previously employed them, or to whom they’re related or have close relationships.

We do not accept gifts, travel or accommodation from companies we cover. If we cover or review a game at a company-sponsored or monitored event, we’ll let you know. If we are provided lodging or transportation from a sponsored company, the involved staff shall recuse themselves from said game/company.

If you have any questions about our review policy, please contact us via our contact page.

Brandon Orselli, founder and editor-in-chief at Nicchiban