Rumor: Fuji TV May Discontinue Terrace House After Hana Kimura Death

Fuji TV officials have stated that it will be “difficult to continue” the popular Terrace House series following the recent death of show star Hana Kimura.

As reported by blog Sponichi Annex, Fuji TV officials are having trouble continuing the series after the recent death of Hana Kimura. As reported here on Nicchiban, Hana Kimura passed away after receiving abusive messages via SNS. Kimura’s wrestling agency Stardom reported her passing on Twitter May 22nd.

Netflix and Fuji TV have stated that episodes 39, 43, and 44 of Terrace House will be delayed as a result. Netflix is the western distributor of the series, making episodes available via their online streaming service with English subtitles.

While the show has n’ot been formally canceled, Fuji TV officials have said that it will be difficult to continue the series as deaths have occurred. Recording had already ceased due to concerns surrounding the current coronavirus pandemic, but the recent death appears to have put the show’s future in jeopardy.

Fuji TV has refrained from commenting on the circumstances surrounding Hana Kimura being bullied on social media. But they have stated that staff and performers were regularly in contact with one another.

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Image: Netflix

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