Sadako DX continues the saga of The Ring

Sadako DX

The upcoming Japanese horror film Sadako DX will continue the story of The Ring. In this latest entry to the franchise, a young college student will be forced to try and work out the mystery of The Ring before it’s too late.

Fuka Ichijo is a genius college student with a 200IQ who’s introduced to The Ring Curse by the spirit medium known only as Kenshin who passes a tape along to her. Along the way, Fuka is joined by Oji Maeda, a fortune teller. But it’s not long before her investigation drags her whole family into the mess.

You can watch the latest trailer for Sadako DX below.

Ring (Ringu) is a series of Japanese horror films based on the 1991 novel of the same name by Koji Suzuki. The series is more commonly known as The Ring in the west thanks to the 2002 Hollywood remake.

Sadako DX will release in Japanese theaters on October 28. At the time of writing, a North American release of the film has yet to be announced.



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