The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! Episode 4 Delayed


The fourth episode of the anime The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! has been delayed.

The delay of the episode is a result of the 45th British Women’s Open, a golf championship in Scotland. The episode was expected to air on the 21st but will now premiere on the 28th instead.

The series follows the great demoness Jahy who is second only to the Demon King in power. After the demon world is destroyed by a heroine, Jahy and the other demons are scattered across the cosmos where they become stranded in the human world.

Reduced to a childlike form due to a lack of magical power, Jahy can only maintain her true form for a few hours at a time with the help of magical stones. The series follows Jahy’s daily life as she tries to get by in modern Japan and collect the magical stones she needs to restore her power and the power of the demon realm.




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