The Legendary Hero is Dead! anime announced

The Legendary Hero is Dead

An anime series based off the manga The Legendary Hero Is Dead! has been announced.

The Legendary Hero Is Dead! follows Touka Scott, an ordinary (if somewhat perverted) farmer who’s obsessed with thighs. With the seal on “Hell’s Gate” weakening, Touka takes it upon himself to dig pitfalls to help protect the village (and his thigh-shaped radishes) from demons.

However Touka didn’t count on the hero Shion passing through on his way to the gate, and while demons may not be a problem for the famous hero, he’s no match for a homemade pitfall trap.

With the hero dead, Shion’s ally and necromancer Anri binds his soul to Touka and forces him to take responsibility by dragging the hero’s body to the seal in order to protect the seal on Hell’s Gate.



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