TMS Entertainment Teases Lupin III Special Project for 50th Anniversary

Lupin III

TMS Entertainment, the animation studio behind Detective Conan and Lupin III has teased a “special project” in anticipation of Lupin’s 50th anniversary.

The announcement of the anniversary celebration and project was made on the official Twitter account for TMS Entertainment.

“2021 will mark the 50th year since Lupin was first animated. To commemorate we have a special project in the works. More info coming soon…”

Lupin III is a franchise beginning with the original creator Kazuhiko Kato under the pen name Monkey Punch in 1969. An anime series premiered in 1971, making 2021 the 50th anniversary of Lupin III as an anime.

Lupin III follows the exploits of the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of the fictional Arsène Lupin created by French writer Maurice Leblance. Along with his companions Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa XIII, and fair weather lover Fujiko Mine, Lupin engages in grandiose heists and puts a stop to evil plots that run afoul of the thief’s morals.

The 3D animated film Lupin III: The First premiered in the United States earlier this year to initial critical success.

It’s unknown what the upcoming surprise could be, but the Lupin III franchise is enjoying the benefits of a reinvigorated fanbase and with the recent success of Lupin III: The First it could be anything.

Details are forthcoming and will be posted here on Nicchiban.

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