Tokyo 24th Ward Premieres in January

Tokyo 24th Ward

Original TV anime series Tokyo 24th Ward will premiere this upcoming January, as part of the Winter 2022 anime season.

The series will be the latest original from studio Cloverworks. They are largely known for their work on The Promised Neverland, Wonder Egg Priorityand also the upcoming SPYxFAMILY.

Three friends born in the 24th ward- Ran, Kouki, and Shuuta- always hung out despite their differences. After a terrible incident, their relationship was never the same.

Meeting up one year later, they receive phone calls from what should be a dead friend; urging them to “choose the future.” Now the trio seek to protect the 24th Ward and its people, each by their own methods and morals.

You can find the new trailer below.

A summary of the series from MyAnimeList can be found below.

An artificial island in Tokyo Bay—Kyokutou Houreigai Tokubetsu Chiku (Far East Special District), commonly known as the 24-ku (24th Ward).

Childhood friends Ran, Kouki, and Shuuta, who were born and raised there, have different family backgrounds, hobbies, and personalities, but always hung out together. However, their relationship changes drastically in the wake of a certain incident.

At the first anniversary memorial of the incident, the three friends happen to meet again and their phones begin to ring simultaneously. The phone call is from a supposedly dead friend, urging them to “choose the future.” The three will try to protect their beloved 24th Ward and the future of its people in their own ways.



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