Tomorrow’s Joe 2: The Movie is Coming to Blu-ray

Tomorrow's Joe

Discotek Media has announced a western physical release of Tomorrow’s Joe 2: The Movie during their panel at Otakon.

Tomorrow’s Joe 2: The Movie is a sequel to the first Tomorrow’s Joe, the movie sums up the second series in the tale of Yabuki Joe.

A summary of the film from MyAnimeList can be found below.

It has been six months since the tragic accident in Joe and Rikiishi’s fight. Joe believes he has overcomed Rikiishi’s death and decides to make a comeback. Joe does make a successful comeback by scoring 5 KO’s by body blows. Joe is then given a shot at the national title as a means by the boxing commission to put him down. The champion, Tiger Ozaki makes use of Joe’s habits and ends up making Joe’s corner throw in the towel. Joe is afraid to throw punches at the face because of what happened to Rikiishi. Youko, Joe’s love interest and the owner of the gym where Rikiishi trained at recruits a world ranked boxer from Venezuela, Carlos Rivera, to get Joe back on his feet and pursue his boxing career to the regional and world ranks.

Discotek Media is a Florida-based publisher committed to licensing and releasing anime in North America. They’ve released multiple series and films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s including 1994’s Genocyber.



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