TV Anime Assault Lily Bouquet Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The upcoming TV anime for the light novel series Assault Lily Bouquet has been delayed, due to scheduling conflicts caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a recent news post on the anime’s official site, Assault Lily Bouquet which was originally intended to air this July has now been pushed back to October.

“Notice of postponement of broadcasting of ‘Assault Lily BOUQUET’

Thank you for your continued support of ‘Assault Lily’.

The TV anime ‘Assault Lily BOUQUET’ was scheduled to be broadcast from July 2020. Considering the current situation due to this new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we will consider the safety of project staff and cast As a result, we decided to postpone the broadcast start date to October 2020.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding.”

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Assault Lily Bouquet is a sci-fi fantasy series where young girls are trained in the use of weapons that combine magic and technology called CHARMs (Counter Huge ARMs) in order to fight a species of invader known only as “Huge”.

The weapons, due to their magic, are found to be most effective in the hands of teenage girls. These girls trained to fight the Huge are called Lillies, and are trained in military academies referred to as Gardens.

The Assault Lily franchise began as a light novel series and doll line in 2015. The light novel was written by Kasama Hiroyuki, and the dolls were designed and produced by AZONE International. Rather than conventional anime figures, the Assault Lily dolls come with ball jointed points of articulation, and cloth clothing rather than hard resin. There is also a line of Custom Lily dolls which allow for various hair options.

The upcoming anime series is being animated by SHAFT Animation Studio known for Negima!?, Hidamari Sketch, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The series will be directed by Shouji Saeki, and Keita Nagahara.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19 officially, or Chinese Flu to others) has affected many worldwide, from businesses to public gatherings and events.

This includes postponements of GDC, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the physical events for EVO 2020 and Tokyo Game Show 2020, and cancellations E3 2020 (including digital events), BlizzCon 2020, and the physical event for Gamescom 2020Comiket 98, and MAGStock 2020.

We also reported No Straight Roads being delayed to Summer 2020, and Japan lifting their state of emergency.

The Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering are mapping the virus’ spread [12]. As of this time of writing, there are over over 2.709 million active cases worldwide. There have been over 363,000 deaths, however over 2.486 million people have made a “total recovery.” There have been over 5.558 million total confirmed cases.

Japan has 1,573 active cases (16,673 active cases), 887 deaths, and 14,213 recoveries.

Image: Official Site

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