Uncle From Another World will stream on Netflix worldwide

Uncle From Another World

The upcoming isekai comedy Uncle From Another World will be available on Netflix in multiple languages including English.

Uncle from Another World (Isekai Ojisan) follows the titular Ojisan (lit. Uncle) who’s just awoken from a 17 year coma. After waking up, it falls to his nephew Takafumi to help him get back on his feet.

However it turns out that during his coma, Ojisan was transported to another world as its hero. Originally dismissive of his delusions, Takafumi is forced to accept the truth when it turns out Ojisan can still use his fantasy world powers such as magic.

However despite this power, Ojisan has had a rough life. Both in the real world and the fantasy world he was maligned as an ugly loser, even being confused for an orc. Even still, after just waking up from his coma all he wants to do is stay inside and play Sega games.

Takafumi is forced to hear Ojisan reminisce about his past with the help of magic to illustrate his memories; and to make matters worse, despite his appearance it turns out a beautiful elf had a crush on Ojisan and he was too dense to realize it.

Uncle From Another World premieres on July 6th.


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