Urusei Yatsura reboot is slated for 46 episodes

Urusei Yatsura

The upcoming reboot of Urusei Yatsura appears to be set for a 46 episode run (at least!) according to the official site from Fuji Creative Corporation.

What we know already is that the reboot is slated for a 2-cour season meaning about 24 episodes give or take. Could there be an unannounced second season already in production?

Urusei Yatsura began as a manga series in 1978 and is regarded as one of Takahashi’s first major works. The series follows a young man named Ataru who’s randomly selected to compete with a race of spacefaring Oni for humanity’s future.

His opponent in the competition is the princess of the Oni, Lum. Due to a misunderstanding, Lum assumes that Ataru has proposed to her after he wins the competition. While the situation may seem intense, the series is far far more light-hearted.

After this competition, Lum tries to pursue a relationship with Ataru and ultimately ruins his chances at a normal life or a normal relationship. From here, the series takes off with perverted and slapstick comedy that fans of Ranma 1/2 would expect from Takahashi.

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