Urusei Yatsura Receives a New Anime in 2022

Urusei Yatsura

A new anime series based on Rumiko Takahashi’s Urusei Yatsura is expected to premiere sometime in 2022.

Urusei Yatsura began as a manga series in 1978 and is regarded as one of Takahashi’s first major works. The series follows a young man named Ataru who’s randomly selected to compete with a race of spacefaring Oni for humanity’s future.

His opponent in the competition is the princess of the Oni, Lum. Due to a misunderstanding, Lum assumes that Ataru has proposed to her after he wins the competition. While the situation may seem intense, the series is far far more light-hearted.

After this competition, Lum tries to pursue a relationship with Ataru and ultimately ruins his chances at a normal life or a normal relationship. From here, the series takes off with perverted and slapstick comedy that fans of Ranma 1/2 would expect from Takahashi.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the new Urusei Yatsura anime below.

The voice actors for the lead characters have already been announced. Sumire Uesaka will be voicing Lum. Uesaka is largely known for her roles as Nagatoro in Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro and Shalltear Bloodfallen in Overlord.

Ataru will be voiced by, a voice actor who’s been active since the early 90s and has worked on series such as Dragonball GT and Trigun. More recently he’s been known as the voice actor behind Levi in Attack on Titan.

Back in 2020, Rumiko Takahashi was awarded the Japanese Medal of Honor in consideration for her work and promotion of Japan’s modern culture.

Takahashi’s more recent work includes the sequel to Inuyasha called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon; she is also known for her series Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha.

An English release of the upcoming Urusei Yatsura series has yet to be confirmed at the time of publishing.



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