Will All of the Tokyo Revengers Cast Return for Season 2?

Will all of the Tokyo Manji gang voice actors return to Tokyo Revengers for Season 2?

Tokyo Revengers is arguably one of the biggest anime of 2021. The manga series was first released in March of 2017 in Kodansha’s Shōnen Magazine. An anime adaptation of the manga series premiered in April and ran until September of 2021.

Additionally, a live-action film adaptation of Tokyo Revengers was released in Japan in July 2021. So, what is Tokyo Revengers, and what is the overarching story? Now that season 1 is complete, when will Tokyo Revengers season 2 debut, and will everyone return?

Season 1’s Plot

Tokyo Revengers is a time leap anime that tells the story of Takemichi Hanaki. On one tragic day, Takemichi learns that his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother have been killed during an incident with his former gang, the Tokyo Manji Gang. While heading home, Takemichi is pushed in front of a train. Rather than dying, Takemichi is sent 12 years into the past to 2005.

While in the past, Takemichi believes he is reliving his past but is determined to change the future. With the help of his friends, Takemichi stands up to a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and earns the respect of Mikey and Draken, the top two members of Tokyo Manji Gang.

One night on the rooftop while watching fireworks, Takemichi goes for Hinata’s hands but mistakenly grabs Naoto’s hand. This interaction brings Takemichi back to the present and he learns that his actions in the past have changed the future. The rest of the season focuses on Takemichi’s attempts to change the future.

Tokyo Revengers Draken

A Potential Departure

Although Tokyo Revengers season 2 is set to premiere in 2022, voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Draken) may not return. Tatsuhisa Suzuki had a rough 2021 between an extramarital affair being exposed and requiring some time off due to medical situations. In an interview with Yahoo News Japan, the management office had this to say.

“Many fans are concerned about the possible abandonment of the role of Ken Ryuguji (Draken) in the popular Tokyo Revengers series. The second season of the series is currently in production and will be announced later this year. However, we do not know for sure if Suzuki will participate.”

Future Announcement

At the end of season 1, Takemichi is left in a problematic situation. With death lingering around the corner, what will happen to Takemichi? This plot point sets up the events of season 2 that will focus on the Black Dragons Arc and potentially the Tenjiku Arc. At the moment. Tokyo Revengers season 2 is currently in production. Liden Films is expected to announce the official premiere date before the end of 2022.

An event titled Tokyo Revengers: Special Event: Tokyo Manjikai Tachikawa Tsuu Ringu is scheduled for this weekend. Could Tokyo Revengers season 2’s reveal date be announced during the event? Ultimately, we will just have to wait and see. We will cover new information as it is revealed.

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