Attack on Titan For Titans Edition Receives Guinness World Record for Largest Comic

Attack on Titan

The Guinness World Record association has acknowledged the recently published volumes of Attack on Titan for Titans as the largest printed comics in the world.

The oversized manga volume is around three feet tall with a total surface area of over 7 feet, in addition the book weighs over 25 pounds. The books sold for 165,000 Japanese Yen which comes out to more than 1500 USD, despite the high price point the books sold out almost immediately.

The hit manga series reached its conclusion earlier this year; and the final season of the anime has already begun airing.

According to Comic Natalie:

Shintaro Kawakubo, the editor in charge of “Attack on Titan,” replied, “When I received a proposal from the advertising department, I said,’Well, if you’re an advancing fan, you can afford it.’ I was thrilled. As you all know, the result was sold out in less than 2 minutes, and Guinness was achieved. ” In addition, Guinness World Records official certifier, Rara Teranishi, said, “I am personally pleased that this record was achieved in Japan, which leads the world’s manga culture. Of course, there are difficulties in the process of production itself. , It is necessary to submit detailed stipulated evidence such as accurate measurement data by surveyor and sales certificate, and the road to certification is not easy. I think it is the achievement of the Guinness World Records.”

Translation: Google

It’s unknown at the time if the Attack on Titans For Titans edition will be released in English.



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