Cover Corp Announces Hololive English: Omen

Hololive Omen

Cover Corp has announced their latest project Hololive English: Omen, the speculatively second generation of Hololive English.

The new trailer announcing HoloENOmen provides a preamble explaining the lore behind the new characters. The story largely keeps in line with the themes of divinity and eldritch knowledge that were established with the first generation of Hololive English called Myth.

These new designs however, may have more in common with the new HoloEN member IRyS, whose character is a Nephilim- the daughter of an angel and demon.

You can find the Omen teaser below.

The new characters appear to be avatars of primordial deities governing the domains of Nature, Civilization, Chaos, Time, and Space. Although this is mostly speculation at the time of publishing.

Hololive English has seen large growth, none larger than shark-girl Gawr Gura, who at this time of writing has 3.21 million YouTube subscribers. Second is Usada Pekora at 1.65 million subscribers. Could future talent reach these dizzying heights?

As with past Hololive talent, the girls will most likely livestream playing games, singing, and showing off their other talents such as art. Collaboration streams with the other English Hololive VTubers is inevitable, but could see cross overs with the Japanese-speaking talent as well.

More details about Hololive Omen are forthcoming and will be found here at Nicchiban.



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