Holonometria Launches Featuring Stories from Hololive Alternative

A new archive of lore and stories for the Hololive Alternative project called Holonometria has officially launched.

The new webpage features stories and lore for the Hololive Alternative project. The project was announced earlier this year and followed by a full length PV featuring the characters of Hololive animated. The animation appeared to follow the characters in their own worlds.

It’s often forgotten that the characters of Hololive do in fact have lore as fictional characters, but in hindsight it’s potentially a big deal. Details like how Korone works in a bakery or that Luna is a princess from the moon are quickly rendered irrelevant compared to the more real streams, shipping, and drama of Hololive.

Speculatively, it seems like Cover Corp is trying to change this trend. The new Holonometria site features multiple articles of lore and stories taking place in the world of Hololive Alternative.



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